Bombay Bicycle Club – Giving All The Clubs A Good Name

It seems in the present climate to play music in a group, is to play in a club. But what’s in a name? New Young Pony Club, Tokyo Police Club, Two Door Cinema Club, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dream City Film Club, Bombay Bicycle Club and yet more still. A bit overwhelming? Well you certainly wouldn’t wish to request membership, except now perhaps in the latter.

The first suggestion when typing “bombay bicycle club” into Google is “flaws”. The rather befitting name of their drastic departure into disastrous Nick Drake duplicating folk, on their previous (and only second) album. But thankfully, it seems this particular club are losing the negative stigma attached to indie-rock clubs the world over, with latest single ‘Shuffle’. Led into victory by a strong rhythmic piano loop reminiscent of Volcano Choir.

Their third album A Different Kind Of Fix will be released August 29th via Island Records.


-James Godwin, June 27th, 2011